Trump openly telling his fascist shock troops to “stand-by” is a declaration that the current challenge to his power will not be settled through electoral politics. Voting be damned, Trump and his mob have set the stage for a political contest that they look forward to settling through violence.
Every time he said “radical left” or “law and order” during the debate, Trump was making a threat. He was threatening me, my family, my friends, my community, my history, my colleagues, and especially my compas. While he made threats against you and me, he called on his supporters to “stand-by” – a military command to be ready for action. Do not for one second forget that even with everything as bad as it has been during the pandemic, this maniac still has at least 30% militant support across the country.
Each time Trump attacked the “radical left” he knew he wasn’t talking about Biden. Biden was rendered irrelevant during this debate because he and “his dems” are unsuited for this contest, a fight that was set in motion a long time ago. Biden was irrelevant before the debate. This is a crisis of imperial decline, neoliberal decadence, surveillance capitalism, environmental collapse, and global pandemic.
Vote. Sure, go ahead, of course, do it. I intend to vote. But understand that voting is not enough. Dems can’t stop this monster. Dems helped create it. Get organized people, because the fachos are “all in” on staying in power. There is no postponing the fascism we are already experiencing, and there is no number of ballots that these maniacs will honor. Join an active community-based political organization, union, federation, coalition. Only an organized mass movement can resist this nightmare.