2016.     UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO. Ph.D. in Communication, Department of Communication. Dissertation: Democracy, Television, and the Mediatization of Chilean Politics: How the Medium Became the Message in Post-Pinochet Chile. Co-Chairs: Michael Cole and Daniel C. Hallin. Committee: Jaime Concha, Luis Martin-Cabrera, Nancy Postero, and Natalia Roudakova. Conferred 12/10/2016.

2009.     UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO. M.A. in Latin American Studies, Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies (CILAS). Thesis: Democracy & the Political Ascendancy of Broadcast Television in Latin America: 1950 through 1970. Chair: Daniel C. Hallin. Committee: Misha Kokotovic and Elana Zilberg. Conferred 09/05/2009.

2000.     SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY. TEACHING CREDENTIALS, Department of Policy Studies in Language and Cross-Cultural Education. Awarded two bilingual (BCLAD) credentials: a Single Subject Credential (k-12) in Social Science with English Language Arts and Spanish language authorizations, and a Multiple Subject Credential (k-8) with a Spanish language authorization. Exp. 01/01/2027.

1995.     UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO. B.A. in Ethnic Studies, with a minor in Teacher Education from Thurgood Marshall College.