Cuídate Mija

I just left the Princeton campus, having said goodbye to my wonderful daughter Luz Victoria only a few moments ago. She now formally begins the next chapter of her life, far from home, and away from those of us that love her more than anything. Weeks ago, as we were preparing for her departure, Adriana wrote these beautiful words:
Tuti, un sabio dicho aconseja que ‘…a las hijas hay que darles profundas raíces, e igual dejarlas crecer alas…’ Tus raíces siempre fueron la inteligencia y la valentía; la dignidad humana; el amor a la justicia y la igualdad; y una amplia formación cultural. Lo que ahora sigue es para ti, y solo tu sabrás crecer tus alas. Sin duda alguna lograrás todas tus metas, y volarás muy, pero muy alto. ¡Pero siempre recuerda que puedes regresar al nido!
I already miss you mija… My heart is really heavy right now, but I am also full of love, pride, and happiness because you have become such an incredible young mujer. I know that the experiences that are ahead of you will be truly amazing. Be strong and confident as you always are, but also be careful and humble. Learn everything. We will all be together again soon.