I Am Teaching EDS 118 for Spring 2019

I am teaching EDS 118: Adolescent Development and Education for the Spring Quarter 2019 at UCSD. Sign up! This is the description from my syllabus: “This course introduces prospective secondary teachers to the cognitive, social, and emotional development of adolescents, including developmental learning theory, the teaching/learning process, effective learning environments, and cross-cultural variations in development. …

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COMM 102D & “La Clase Mágica”

Next quarter (Winter 2017), I am teaching the UCSD practicum course COMM 102D: Methods of Media Production Practicum: Practicum in Child Development. This is a 6-unit course, described as “A combined lecture/lab course on after-school learning, social change, and community-based research. Students are expected to participate in a supervised after-school setting at one of four community labs in San …

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The UCSD Democracy Lab

This quarter (Fall 2016), I am teaching the introductory course COMM 102C: Practicum in New Media & Communication, which is a part of the “UCSD Democracy Lab”. “A core question driving our research is, how do we co-design experiences that put tangible, immediate practices for change in the hands of young people and families?