Raza Demographics in the U.S.

Contents “La Raza”: Definition & Use Statistical Overview of U.S. Raza, National Numbers Total U.S. Population National Origin Age, Citizenship, & Individual Identity Language Education Economics State-Level Information Mexican Heritage, Corresponding Data Puerto Rican Heritage, Corresponding Data Salvadoran Heritage, Corresponding Data Cuban Heritage, Corresponding Data Indigenous Heritage, Corresponding Data Dominican Heritage, Corresponding Data Guatemalan Heritage,

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Residente – This is Not America (Official Video) ft. Ibeyi

Residente recently shared this excellent audio-visual manifesto of the current state of Nuestra América. Ojo, the music video has numerous depictions of violence. The images are terrible, contradictory, and tragic. But the music and visuals are also angry, poetic, and combative. Some people have issued online political criticisms, explicitly calling out the backward visual references

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