Pinochet’s Residual Legal Claim Over Chilean Collective Memory

A Brief History of the 1988 Franja de Propaganda Electoral Harry L. Simón Salazar, Ph.D. La colección completa de las franjas de 1988 se encuentran aquí. // The complete set of Franja material is available here. One of the most consequential examples of Latin American political communication is a month-long series of political advertising televised throughout Chile during the 1988 national referendum […]

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Trump openly telling his fascist shock troops to “stand-by” is a declaration that the current challenge to his power will not be settled through electoral politics. Voting be damned, Trump and his mob have set the stage for a political contest that they look forward to settling through violence. Every time he said “radical left”

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Great News!

Some of you know that Adriana is a reserved and very private person. So you can imagine her reaction when I asked her if I could share some recent huge news about well-deserved recognition of her community leadership and commitment to human rights. I convinced her to let me post this, so before she changes

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