Anastasio Hernández Rojas Mural, Chicano Park

A close-up view of the Anastasio Hernández Rojas mural in Chicano Park, 09/12/2020, a few days before the scaffolding was taken down. This was at the presentation of the mural activity for Anastasio’s family and members of the Chicano Park community. Seeing the artwork up close moved me deeply. Felicitaciones a los muralistas – thank you for helping our community recover a small piece of our soul in the midst of so much tragedy and injustice. And thank you to the CPSC for leading the defense of the Park for 50 years; it truly is the only place a mural like this one is allowed to exist. This art represents our dignified rage and resistance.

These images really don’t capture the visual impact of the mural. I highly recommend people visit Chicano Park to appreciate this incredible work of people’s art. Where a mask, please. Some of these images are from Alliance San Diego or the San Diego Union Tribune. The rest are mine.

This excellent video provides a brief summary of Anastasio’s case and the development of the mural in Chicano Park.