I am an educator, communication scholar, multimedia producer, and politically engaged Chicano.

My interdisciplinary scholarship intersects the fields of critical political communication, mediatization theory, political culture, identity formation and class struggle, Latin American studies, Human Rights discourse and memory, Chicana/o studies, border studies, and the media practices/production of social movements. My 2018 book, Television, Democracy, and the Mediatization of Chilean Politics, demonstrates how televised political advertising created in the context of the 1988 transition from military to civilian rule helped transform the political culture of that country.

I am a life-long educator. I am also a community organizer, having founded and served in leadership positions within numerous organizations. A substantial part of my community work has involved media production. I have independently published several non-academic books and produced dozens of community-based pamphlets, booklets, and documentaries. I also have extensive experience working with digital communication technologies, having created dozens of websites, directed social media campaigns, and administered multiple bilingual social media accounts that reach hundreds of thousands of followers. I am proud to admit that I have also been a videographer, an editor of several newspapers, a construction worker, and I built my own lowrider.

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